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How do I add value with my services alone? Would the customer pay for this service? Should I sacrifice my bottom line every time? When are my rebates coming? I have a payment to make, but I don’t have a clear sight of my collections? What’s the customer add or churn rate?

Typical resellers are hustlers who have great sales skills in closing deals leveraging their relationships built over the years. However, the biggest challenge is this transformation to Subscription economy and updating systems that have been built over the years. A Typical reseller does not use ERPs or complex billing systems, and is able to manage his/her business watching cash-flow, collection reports, order summary files, sales pipelines etc. spread over excel or home grown CRMs. These systems collapse or cease to solve the purpose when they start catering to cloud products or subscription services.

Why do I owe more than I am collecting? How do I ensure proper accruals and spend from upfront collections of annual orders made towards monthly pay-as-go products?

AppGallop provides complete Cloud Commerce that ensures these issues are not only addressed but avoided with systems and processes built with several man-years of experience running cloud businesses. The system allows resellers to focus on selling and provide functionality that typically needs 4 to 5 people sitting in separate silos. The customer interaction is captured from the first entry point of lead and managed through the lifecycle of order processing, billing, servicing, collections, automated dunning emails, settlements reports with OEMs or partners (ISVs, etc.). Giving you complete visibility into day to day operations, P&L reports, PBT (Profit Before Tax), etc. finally making your business profitable and scalable.

Additionally AppGallop provides a complete front-end Marketplace for you to list your products and also seamlessly integrate partner/ ISV solutions that will lend towards increasing your ARPU (Avg. Rev. Per User) adding stickiness to your customers thereby reducing churn. We have already pre-plumbed several ISV solutions including the Microsoft Office 365 CSP API and Azure for your ready to roll business.