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IT industry has witnessed some of the fastest change of trends, being a Software Distributors today is not just about keeping pace with these trends but also have business systems that keep their business healthy and thriving amidst these changes. They need to identify solutions that catalyze their growth and help with the required transformation. Most Distributors have witnessed that traditional ERP systems cannot deliver the capabilities required to support this transformation or evolution to be precise.

To be positioned for success the real trick sometimes lies in understanding these challenges at the earliest, and put systems or tools in place to overcome them. Since channel margins are under constant downward pressure and the expense of driving sales efforts or managing channels are going up-north, an effective and automated channel with self-service model and a marketplace can be a source of strategic advantage for Distributors. The system should be able to bring about efficiency gains and help improve profitability by over 100% by removing manual interventions and automating all tasks.

Digital transformation is not just an option today, but the standard for better channel design and channel management driving effective competitiveness. Most IT distributors are finding their publishers/ OEM vendors turning to cloud models and subscription economy. It is very taxing for them to continue the traditional models while focusing on growth in cloud; their existing order processing systems, operations, billing, provisioning, etc. are not ready for this change or dual operating models.

How do I bring about this change without disrupting my current operations or slowing down my current sales models? How should I shape my sales incentive or channel engagement models? Is it going to be gradual or should I lift and shift? How would I compensate my upfront revenues for ACV (annual contract values) that build month over month? How to bundle products driving higher ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)? Can I light up promotions on the fly?

These are the most common questions an average Distributor or any Large software agreement vendor (LSP) is asking themselves…

AppGallop is built on these specific premises, positioned to solve all this and more, out of the box. It will not only help you distinguish yourself with an end to end cloud commerce automation but also provide a pre-plumbed marketplace that draws upon specific, customized services and pricing, dynamic promotions, vouchers, customized quotes and contracts, specialized product bundling services, and vendor-managed inventory.

“A modern ERP solution for a modern IT Distributor”