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Shifting focus to higher margins, automation and app marketplace

Managed Hosting and Datacenters providers have been transforming over the last decade from Shared hosting and collocation services respectively. The customer is driving this behavior with demand for more and more managed services, scalable infrastructure, boom in the e-commerce economy or value added services. The amount of data generated in the last few years is double the size of data that has even been created.

These trends are also putting downward pressure on margins with the competitive nature of the industry and pay-as-you-go metered services. Hence it is imperative for the Hosters to provide more and more services to the same customers helping bring down the cost of customer acquisition and increased Average Revenue Per User (ARPU).

AppGallop has recognized this challenge as an opportunity and put together a framework that will not only help Hosters manage their complex backend automation but also provide a front-end marketplace to list, connect and provide subscription based software services. Select from the pre-integration SaaS vendors and list their own products or services.