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Building a great SaaS software is just the beginning, the bigger question is to find channels of monetization and friction-less cloud commerce models.

How do I reach my customers? Can I sell nationally or globally? How do I manage multi-currencies? How do I manage various partnerships and resellers?

It takes a big team to do all of this, especially managing reseller relationships and tracking their sales and subscriptions. These subscriptions could start at different time of the month for different customers driven by different resellers or distributors.

It keeps getting more and more complex as we try to build margin splits across n-tier channels involved and then making on the fly settlements. Sending Invoices on time may sound easy, but it has been observed that more than 70% of software vendors (especially startups < 5 years), find it difficult to send invoices on time and then it’s a different story when it comes to timely collections. It’s a known fact that the more the age of outstanding, the less likely you are to getting paid.

So, get things under control and let AppGallop save you from this bleeding and help you monetize faster while making it easier to expand.

AppGallop ISV module allows you to connect your application to the Marketplace Platform that not only makes your app available for reselling to all AppStores using our platform like large Distributors or Hosters, but also allows you to manage the entire back-end cloud commerce part like a breeze. As you enter our platform you are also first baptized through our state of the art “Application Performance Monitoring and Testing” frameworks that check your app performance and simulate hundreds and thousands of dummy transactions to check exception handling and if required a complete framework of functional testing can be provided as a separate service. This guarantees our AppStore providers a solid performance assurance when they take your solution to the market.

Go ahead and talk to one of our reps to help you scale your business.