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Chief Minister has to take various decisions during the day. Most of the decisions are based on data & facts sheet. These facts sheets are produced by Chief Secretary to CM. Source of data is the key to success.

“Information is source of  SUCCESS  But unless it’s organised, processed and made available to right people in a format of decision making, it’s a burden”

Further, timely availability of information is another key to success. IPMS is perfect solution for effective decision making. Its also called as EBDS i.e evidance base decision making. IPMS framework link the entire government from Office of Chief Minister to an end corporator working on a project.  The Chief Ministry is provided with a Dashboard with visibility similar to Chief Secretory . The Dashboard has bunch of graphs / charts which are drill down to State Corporations , Departments and contractor. The data is visible in graphical format by State, Districts, Theseals & Gaon.

Data is translated into following heads

  • Strategic Action plan Data
  • Cabinet Data
  • Project Data
  • Policy Data
  • Financial Data
  • Contractor Data
  • HR Data

Vital Data

  • By Area of focus
    • Health , Education, Social Welfare, Civil, Road works, Sanitation, etc
  • By Beneficiary
    • Children, Farmers, Businessmen, Student, etc
  • By constitution
  • By Gender


Year wise comparison of Data across regions based on

  • Project status
    • Completed, In-progress, Cancelled, Postponed, Unknown
  • Financials
    • Cost Over run
    • Cost Variance
    • Budgets Spent
    • PSIP / SSIP / BSP spent


All the information above is visible in graphical format and click of the button. The information comes real time as its created by a user part of the chain at any level.

CM can use this tools to be appraised about various events with actual facts captured at ground level .This will empower CM to take more roboust decision and make effective communication with people of the state.