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At CIOTIAL we help enterprises with business strategies and bring exellence in execution which together delivers product differentiation and give customer experience thus resulting in increase in market share and increase in revenue.


Today, businesses are looking beyond the border for new customers, due to an increase in demand, fierce competition and are being challenged which requires individuals and firms to keep updated

In today’s evolving landscape your timelines has to be driven by processes and remembering the regulatory process is an important aspect.

What CIOTIAL bring to table

At CIOTIAL we address these challenges to accelerate TOP line yet keeping bottom line in control.

CIOTIAL business consultant & technocrats works with you to identify your business problem, if its not known, we prepare a business strategy , translate the strategy into a business solution, prepare project plans with the firm timelines, Identify its resources, implement project plan and bring measurable ROI.

Here are some of the highlights that make up our firm’s DNA

Our deliverables are tangible and clearly measurable. Our deliverable is almost never a report.

Think of us as Turnkey Specialists that take on end-to-end responsibility for implementation and   execution of new business ideas starting from ideation to day-to-day management of the business.
We are not a Consulting firm. While we have the capabilities to develop business strategies, our   primary interest is in executing them.
Additionally, most of our clients already know what they want to do, they most likely don’t know how   to go about it.
We are happy to link our performance with the performance of the business that we take on.

Our approach is straightforward and is rooted in the following guidelines that we have established for ourselves

Simple & Effective Planning: Our business plans must be straightforward with the intention to   establish a guideline rather than exhibit our proficiency with Excel Sheet or Powerpoint. It should be   our endeavour to ensure all our planning is practical and takes up no longer than what is needed to   cover all key aspects.

Hands on: Our approach has to be focused on delivering demonstrable value to the client on the   ground. Our team must take accountability for all the key activities.
No “Out of Scope”: As long as there is an agreement on the overall objectives of the project, none   of the activities associated with it are to be considered “out of scope”
Use Technology: We must be well versed with technology and its numerous applications in the   business domain. We should not shy away from using technology in order to garner the maximum   benefit for the business.
Objective Alignment: A majority of our rewards must be structured in the form of success fee,   ensuring that our objectives are always aligned with that of the business owner/promoter.
Planned exit: As part of our exit strategy we must train an internal team to take over from us once   we exit. We must work towards this over the entire 18-24 months of our association with a client.

Our Consulting area

New business Idea
IT Strategy
New product launch – Goto Market
Process re-engineering
Financial & Budgeting – Cost cutting